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How we do it

Utilizing advanced  recycling technologies,  Nevada Technology Corporation  recovers critical Li-ion battery raw materials and recirculates them back into the battery ecosystem for continued use.



We revive end-of-life EV batteries by maximizing their potential before recycling, through integrated cell reuse capabilities

Our LOPIT battery price index unlocks ‘future’ purchase prices to help you enter into buyback agreements with your customers. Quickest Turnaround from Battery Receipt to RUL Estimation. EPR & traceability portal for 100% transparency.

Our Customer Process

Provide you the best value for your used Li-ion batteries (LIBs)

Enable you to give buyback prices to your customers for your LIBs

Take care of your EPA regulatory requirements

Deliver transparent, and traceable LIBs lifecycle management

Enable your customers to instantly determine residual price of their batteries